CATEGORY 足フェチアトラクション

触手エロ漫画 足フェチアトラクション 第1試練 鉄柱渡り


触手エロ漫画 足フェチアトラクション 第1試練 ムービー


A story of heroine Yui Kitayama of the justice to fight against evil. Kitayama who would participate in a foot fetishism attraction forcibly challenges it to cross the iron column of the first trial. It was Kitayama who was going to cross the iron column, but there was a huge larva under the iron column. The larva increases a feeler and tickles a sole of Kitayama. Kitayama judges that cannot endure the titillation of the sole and she go down from an iron column by oneself and challenge the larva to a fight. Kitayama pushed forward a fight in superiority at the start, but the larva which suffered damage shined suddenly and was tense like iron. The attack of Kitayama did not go, and Kitayama was restricted afterwards, and her sole was tickled until she fainted and was licked.
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